It’s IT Australia trading as EPC Recycling Solutions is a part of the AICA Group of Companies headquartered in Perth, Australia. EPC (E-waste, Photovoltaic, Carbon) Recycling Solutions is firm aimed at providing recycling solutions in the space of electronic waste, solar photovoltaic panels, carbon components and IT asset management.

Being a part of the AICA Group the company values have been embedded strongly in promoting environmentally friendly green and sustainable solutions in all market sectors. As a serious advocate towards the climate change crisis each of our business under the AICA banner has strong convictions and product & service offerings towards this cause. We are a certified ISO 14001 company accredited towards maintaining an excellent environmental management system and also a AS 5377 certified contractor accredited towards maintaining high standards for Collection, storage, transport and treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment.

Our operations are spread globally and nationally having set up operations in Perth, Sydney, Darwin, India and Philippines. Our Philippines operations is our central hub catering to the Asia Pacific region towards processing all electronic and photovoltaic waste after which all commodities are sold as raw material eliminating landfill waste in each sector and ensuring proper use of recycled material. Through collaborative partnerships, experience within electronic & PV waste recycling and disposal gives us a competitive advantage in an booming industry sector. With a multi-dimensional business model, we are consistently embracing all aspects to ensure no landfill waste and eliminate e-waste and solar PV panel dumping which is foreseen to be the problem of tomorrow.

Before disposing of all sensitive items for recycling or re-use, you should always check to ensure that the service provider through which you are disposing of these items is appropriately qualified to provide a safe, secure and permanent solution.

  • JAS-ANZ registered company accredited towards maintaining an excellent environmental management system
    AS/NZS 5377 certified contractor.
    ISO 14001certified contractor.


    B.Com, MPA, Mig Law, MARN 0637656 | CPA 9308492

    Shiju is the Founder and Chairman of the conglomerate of companies under AICA, primarily responsible for steering at the helm and overseeing the group’s diverse portfolio and expansion. He is a graduate in Commerce with Masters in Business Administration from India and Professional Accounting from Australia. He is also a member of the Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) Australia, MARA & MIA (Australian Immigration) and Australian Institute of Management. His Adverse background in accounting, finance, economics and management makes him a strong driving force in leading the group of companies effectively. His success is based on the broad skill set that he possesses namely a good knowledge of the economy and market dynamics around the world, experience and knowledge in capital investments which include raising funds, venture capital, investor relations with High Net worth Individuals & fund management, deriving financial projections and a ascertaining its viability.

    He is a registered CPA and migration agent which enables him to increase investment offerings with the option to migrate to Australia by bringing in the Migration Business Innovation Visa Scheme for potential investors. Under his leadership, AICA has expanded its portfolio to various market disciplines which includes migration, energy, electrical, engineering, construction, staffing solutions, education and IT. The inception of AICA Energy and AICA Constructions is a means of realising his dream of leading the renewable energy revolution throughout the world and introducing sustainability in every walk of life for the common man and thereby, achieve a carbon-free environment.